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About Us

Do you want to raise money for business, rent or buy a car? TheCashTube.com was created with just you in mind. Unlike your regular peer to peer platforms, what we have created is a community of contributors who support one another. We believe that we can get things done easier if we pull funds together. Instead of running up and down, seeking soft loans from banks, colleagues or family members who will often disappoint you, why not make use of our traditional scheme to double, triple and quadruple your income within a short period of time.

Contribute N5,000 and Get N10,000 (2 people will contribute for you)

Contribute N10,000 and Get N30,000 (3 people will contribute for you)

Contribute N20,000 and Get N80,000 (4 people will contribute for you)

Contribute N50,000 and Get N250,000 (5 people will contribute for you)

How It Works:

  • You simply register and pick a contribution plan you want.
  • Login to your account and contribute to your upline to secure your place in the queue, the faster you contribute the earlier you get.
  • Recycle thrice and get automatically placed on the queue a third time for free!
  • You don’t have to look for members, spreading the good news is optional.
  • You are expected to get your money ready so has not to slow down the queue.
  • Pairing is done immediately and automatically, so ensure that you pay your upline to stay on the queue.
  • Defaulting accounts are closed immediately

Why it will work?

>>>  Auto payment verification by site: You don’t have to wait for upline to confirm your payment. The system is programmed to confirm payments to keep the queue moving fast. Just pay and upload your proof of payment

>>> Incentive to Keep Contributing: Members are encouraged to keep recycling by getting a free turn after every 3 circles. Let’s say you join the N50,000 queue, when you get paid N250,000. You are expected to pay your next upline, to get another N250,000. Repeat this cycle once more and the system will place you on the N50,000 without contributing.

>>> We have discovered that most Schemes fail when people take money out of the system and don’t give back. What we have here is a community of free givers and receivers.

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